Fun In Waxhaw, Waxhaw Children's Photographer

Waxhaw North Carolina may be a tiny speck on the map but it is quickly becoming one of the best places in the Charlotte area to spend a day, evening or weekend. Currently, the tiny historical town named after the Native American tribe - see here: is home to a museum, an art gallery or two, multiple antique shops and several nice restaurants including Maxwell's Tavern , Provisions and Heritage Food and Drink In addition to restaurants, Waxhaw is now home to its own brewery Dreamchaser's which is located in an old town fire hall, very cool place with a food truck or two often parked outside and there's live music all summer long in Waxhaw, see here Did I mention that there are events for kids here all the time too?! There are painting classes such as these, Lisa is always offering fun classes for kids and adults, there's a candy shop, Sodi Pops serving up hard to find treats and offering chocolate making classes for kids, a creamery, a playground next to that and a skatepark! Oh, and we even have a Pelican's Snowballs here in town!

I can't think of a place I'd rather call home and I'm proud to have just opened my first studio at 108 E South Main St. Suite 3, 28173-6744 Waxhaw, North Carolina. To celebrate this milestone I'm offering in studio sessions with no session fees! I hope to be seeing you all around! Here are some pictures from a styled shoot I did on Main street.  These two kids were a ton of fun!

Until next time!

Mesmerized by the passing train!


A. McHenry Photography is on the map!

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